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Message to All clubs:-

2006/2007 City League  "Pairs / Triples Champions" now on:- League Table page.

Bure Competition "2006 / 2007 Pairs Qualifiers" - available on:- Bure Competitions page.

2006/7 Breckland "Two Wood Pairs results to 12/Dec/06" see: League Table & Two Wood Pairs page.

2006/2007 Norwich Cup  "2nd Round results / Quarter-Final draw" now on:- Area Cup Draws page.

2006/7 Bure "1st Round results / Semi-Final draw" now on:- Area Cup Draws page.

Wensum League 2006/7  "1st Round results also Semi-Final draw" now on:- Area Cup Draws page.

2006/2007 City League Shield  "1st Round results so far also Quarter-Final draw" now on:- Area Cup Draws page.

Bure Competition "2006 / 2007 Triples Qualifiers" - available on:- Bure Competitions page.

Breckland "October 2006 Triples" to view report - photos: Click here

2006/07 Winter League Tables  see:- League Tables page.

Summer League 2006  "End of season league positions" see:- League Tables page.

Over 60's 2006/7 "Fixtures" Up-Dated, go to:-Click here

2005/06 Winter League "End of season Table positions" see:- League Tables page.

Over 60's Inter-County 2005/6 "League Table" Up-Dated (30.March.06):- Click here for Table

Breckland League say's "Farewell to Joan"

Norfolk Select v Belgium see:- Report on the week-end events


How to join a Bowls club

There are a number of Short Mat Bowls Clubs in many parishes throughout our County of Norfolk there is a good chance that a venue may be very close to your own home. The games are often played at social clubs, senior citizens clubs, village halls or church hall. Events are generally held during afternoons or evenings, so please contact your local club Secretary for more information. Mostly a small subscription is charged to become a club member and a small match fee is charged when playing.

Joining a Club - what it could lead to

All age groups can participate, with couples and children or relatives are members of the same club. Meeting and being in the company of many other people often leads to forming long term friendships, with so much joy and humour during and between games. Above all, the experience of learning the required bowling skills gained from other club members should enable you to achieve good techniques of the game.

Basic equipment required to get you started

Equipment you will need for a start is a set of four bowls, bowls carrying bag, flat bowling shoes, gray trousers/skirt, and white shirt/blouse. An appropriate item called a 'measure' may be needed but is not essential to start off with. Once the outfit has been purchased it will normally last a very long time, even with regular use.

Where to purchase Bowls equipment

All your bowling needs can be purchased from a local bowls supplier, an array of accessories are available to help your game, this can be added to as time goes by.

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